Gilliam’s “Don Quixote” In Peril Yet Again

It seemed that filmmaker Terry Gilliam’s cursed dream project “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” was finally in the clear. The long in-development film, which was partly shot then abandoned then slowly resurrected over nearly twenty years, was finally shot last year with Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce starring.

At last report people have seen a rough version of the film to a very good response and there were hopes the film would premiere at Cannes next month. Now though, the film’s future is in jeopardy according to a recent report by French media outlet France Inter (via The Playlist).

In 2016, Gilliam and producer Paulo Branco reached an agreement in which Branco would provide the necessary funding for the project and Gilliam would have full creative freedom, in exchange for the rights to the film to go to Branco.

When Branco reportedly provided none of the promised funding, Gilliam moved on and found another producer who funded it and finally got it going. Now Branco has popped up again, with a claim that the film is not to be released until he gives permission since he claims he owns the rights to the project based on that 2016 contract.

Gilliam feels that the contract was rendered void due to Branco not holding up his end of it. It’s now in court with Gilliam suing Branco over the rights, but a judgment won’t be handed down until June 15th which means a Cannes premiere is out either way. If Gilliam loses in court, the film may never see the light of day.