Gilliam Dismisses “12 Monkeys” TV Remake

Appearing at the recent Marrakech Film Festival, filmmaker Terry Gilliam spoke The Playlist who asked him about Syfy’s upcoming remake of his 1996 sci-fi film “12 Monkeys”. Gilliam has no part in the remake and does not sound like a fan of the idea:

“No, I know nothing about that except what I read in the papers, I have no control, I get no money. I think it’s a really bad idea frankly, particularly because I thought we did a very good film. I thought the script was wonderful, Chris Marker was very happy with “Twelve Monkeys” since it was inspired by “La Jetee,” and I think the series will have nothing to do with that.

He was also briefly asked if he would do another film with his fellow Monty Python members to which he responded he wouldn’t. In fact, that’s one reason for their upcoming reunion stage shows next year:

“The reason we’ve never done a movie is it involves months and months of being together. The show is going to take three weeks.