Gilliam Confirms “Quixote” Shoot, “Bandits” Series

Terry Gilliam is heading to television as, in a new interview, the filmmaker has revealed that he is developing a TV series adaptation of his cult 1981 fantasy film “Time Bandits” along with an original project that he’s been talking about for many years.

Asked by The Guardian whether he’d be interested in bringing his filmmaking talents back to television. He says:

“Yes I am! We are involved in two possibilities – one, a TV series based on Time Bandits, another based on a script by Richard LaGravanese and I wrote after Fisher King, called The Defective Detective. We’re currently adapting a two-hour film into a six-hour series. It’s about a middle-aged New York cop who was once a hero who has grown fat and cynical and is in the middle of a breakdown, ending up in a child’s fantasy world where the rules of the mean streets of New York no longer apply. The best way to kill a dragon is no longer a gun, but a tree branch you think is a sword.”

In a separate interview with BBC Radio 4, Gilliam was asked about his “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” project and how he’s as frustrated as the rest of us in terms of waiting for it to coalesce:

“I’ve waited now for another year, and things go wrong, and the most tragic one is a couple months ago, John Hurt, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And I tried to somehow get it through the system, but we had one go where ‘Don Quixote’ was carted off in a medical helicopter, and the insurance company is not going to let me get away with that twice. We’re supposed to be shooting in April next year, and I’m waiting. It’s like I’m in a Beckett play, and just waiting for Godot. I’m waiting for the cast, I”m waiting for the money, I’m waiting for the organization, or I’m waiting for an actor. And that’s the worst thing about making films. I’m really not good at planning far ahead.”

Gilliam’s most recent film was 2013’s “The Zero Theorem”.