Gillan Is New “Doctor Who” Companion

21-year-old unknown Scottish actress Karen Gillan is set to become the next regular “Doctor Who” companion according to a press release from The BBC late yesterday.

Gillan will star alongside 26-year-old Matt Smith when he takes over the role of The Doctor as the show returns to regular series form next Spring.

Gillan has guest starred on various shows like “Rebus”, “Harley Street,” “Coming Up” and “The Kevin Bishop Show”. She also starred in the TV movie “Stacked” and funnily enough had a role as one of the chanting female soothsayers in last year’s ancient Rome-set “Doctor Who” episode “The Fires of Pompeii”.

The choice is an interesting one as both her and Smith are relative unknown upcoming actors that will now topline one of the network’s flagship shows and certainly its most internationally recognized and profitable one.

David Tennant continues his stint as The Doctor through three more specials airing later this year, at the end of which the character will regenerate into Smith.

Smith, Gillan and the new production team led by producer Steven Moffat begin filming the 13-episode 2010 season, the fifth full season since the show’s revival in 2005, later this Summer.