Gibson’s “Hinterlands” Gets Adapted

Hand-drawn animation company Last Studio Standing has announced plans for a short film and TV series adaptation of “Neuromancer” author William Gibson’s 1981 sci-fi short story “Hinterlands”.

The story follows a Russian space station that goes missing, only to reappear years later with everyone dead. Subsequent trips to those coordinates by any ship sees them disappear into a mysterious other place and turn up dead – with their remains returning with clues about the other place.

In a press release, CEO Jonathan Kitzen says: “It is such a great story. We know we can do more with it because animation is an all-powerful tool that can create anything. We plan on making something that looks like Gravity mixed with Blade Runner, and this story offers us a huge palette of possibilities, for about $100 million less than a traditional live action film.”

Last Studio Standing aims to have a short pilot episode done for a longer TV series by next year – with said pilot to be shown in cinemas. That would then kick off a ‘five year plan’ for the franchise, including a TV show with a potential second series spin-off.

More details are up at the company’s official site

Source: PR Newswire