Gibson’s Hanukkah Origin Film Gets A Rival

While many are still wondering if Mel Gibson’s long planned Judah Maccabee biopic will go ahead at Warners, someone else has already begun work on a rival project says Risky Biz Blog.

Producer Bruce Nash (“Modern Marvels”) is assembling his own adaptation of the Hanukkah origin story. Said project could either be a feature or mini-series, it’s undetermined as of now.

Both films would chronicle the successful rebellion, led by Maccabee, that liberated the Second Temple in Jerusalem from the Greek occupier Antiochus and the institution of Hanukkah to celebrate the victory.

While Gibson’s version is still in development and has already scored comments from Jewish leaders not happy with the idea, Nash’s project already has a finished script by Scott Abbott (“Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”).

Nash, Maura Dunbar and Bob Kosberg are producing.