Gibson Planning A Maverick Return?

If it didn’t have quotes I wouldn’t have believed it, even now I’m very skeptical.

According to, Mel Gibson and James Garner are keen to get together for a sequel to their 1994 western comedy “Maverick.”

Gibson tells WENN that”There’s talk of doing another Maverick. Garner and I have been looking at that for a while. It’d be fun to play that character again.

“I think audiences would probably like to see him again too. We really cooked the first time. We’ve got some great ideas–I think audiences will enjoy what we’ve got in mind. It won’t be happening immediately, but I dare say, it’ll happen” he adds.

Gibson went on to add that he won’t be re-visiting his two biggest franchises – “We’ve put Mad Max and Lethal Weapon behind us now. There’s nowhere to move with those characters. We were pushing it with the last ones.”