Gibson Directs “Kamikaze” & Joins “Six Billion”

Mel Gibson is set to direct “Destroyer,” a World War II naval war movie at Hollywood Gang Productions, which will mark his follow-up to his 2016 directorial comeback “Hacksaw Ridge”.

Based on the nonfiction book “Hell From the Heavens” by John Wukovits, the heroic story follows the crew from the USS Laffey defending their ship from an astounding 22 kamikaze attacks in the Pacific Theater of the World War II. Rosalind Ross is penning the script.

The timing of the project is in flux as Gibson is also being courted for a role opposite Mark Wahlberg in the film adaptation of the 1970s TV series “The Six Billion Dollar Man”. That film is due to begin shooting late summer and go into the fall, which could push Gibson’s plans to shoot “Destroyer” into the winter.

Source: Heat Vision