Giacchino Talks His “Rogue One” Scoring Rush

“Star Trek” and “Doctor Strange” composer Michael Giacchino was a late addition to the crew of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. The acclaimed composer was brought in to replace Alexandre Desplat on the film’s score back in September and had essentially just one month to work on it he tells EW.

Desplat left due to a scheduling conflict following the weeks of reshoots, and when Giacchino came onboard he said he didn’t listen to any of Desplat’s work on the film. He did look at the film though and the tone of the film is what played a big part:

“It is a film that is in many ways a really great World War II movie, and I loved that about it. But it also has this huge, huge heart at the center of it, and that was the one thing I just didn’t want to discount.

Yes, it’s an action movie, and it’s a Star Wars film, and it has all the things that you would come to expect and love about that, but I didn’t want to forget that it was also an incredibly emotional movie as well. That was what really pulled me in.

I love working on projects that have an emotional center to them – and not manufactured emotion either, even though, you know, [laughs] it’s a weird thing to say because literally that’s all we’re doing, manufacturing emotion.”

As the first of the spin-offs, he wasn’t beholden to the main saga’s musical style. Yet he still incorporated some of the series’ traditions:

“It does borrow from traditions that both John [Williams] and George Lucas borrowed from when they made the original Star Wars, you know. George was looking at Flash Gordon, the old serials, and John was looking at [Gustav] Holst and different composers along the way to get a baseline for what he wanted to communicate.

There is a wonderful musical language that John put together for the original films. I wanted to honor that vernacular but still do something new with it, something that was still me in a way. [The score is] 95 percent original but with little moments [of Williams’ classic score] here or there to accent.”

You can also check out two new TV spots for the film below which play up that WW2 film similarity. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens in cinemas on December 16th.