Ghostbusters Is Returning To Cinemas

Ahead of the Paul Feig-directed reboot hitting cinemas on July 16th, Fathom Events will be re-releasing the original “Ghostbusters” on 750 screens nationwide on June 8th to celebrate the film’s 34th anniversary.

An encore screening is also set for June 12th. Meanwhile, beginning June 8th, BBQ Films will also be hosting a three-night extravaganza in Brooklyn, where they’ll be turning a giant warehouse into the “Ghostbusters” headquarters.

Fans will be able to wear proton packs, slurp on an ecto-beverage, watch the original film and maybe fight off a ghost or two. Tickets are available at Fathom Events and BBQ Films.

In related news, the film’s director Paul Feig spoke with Cinema Blend about one surprising reaction he received about the film – the reaction to the costumes of the four leading ladies:

“It’s funny. When we released the pictures of the uniforms I got so many Tweets from women, like, ‘Thank God you didn’t try to make them tight and sexy.’ It never even crossed my mind. People bring such baggage, men and women, to the idea of anything that’s all female-based, that I think just shows what’s endemic to how we’re so programmed to think. To not accept it in the right way, and why it is such a big deal. It should not be such a big deal [in] 2015 that this is happening. Yet it is.”

The “Ghostbusters” film is slated to open July 15th.