“Ghost Recon: Wildlands” Splinter Cell Trailer

Ubisoft has unveiled the official trailer and details for their upcoming free Splinter Cell-themed crossover mission DLC for “Ghost Recon: Wildlands”.

Ubisoft unveiled their Year 2 plans for the game recently which includes a new PvP mode, teammate customization, five mode-exclusive maps and a series of special PvE missions. The first update, ‘Special Operations I’, releases April 10th.

Ubisoft also teased a mission will include Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher in a major Tom Clancy crossover event. Now they’ve released the trailer for that mission in which players will help Sam Fisher (voiced by Michael Ironside) complete a high-risk infiltration mission in Bolivia.

Players can earn Splinter Cell-themed gear, such as Sam Fisher’s iconic night vision goggles, by completing the Special Operations I mission before May 16th. The trailer arrives ahead of E3 in June which is rumored to be showing off a new “Splinter Cell” game currently in development.