“Ghost of Tsushima” A PS5 Launch Title?

Ghost Of Tsushima A Ps5 Launch Title

In early 2014, Sucker Punch Productions released “Infamous: Second Son” – the third title in the well-regarded franchise following two entries on PS3. It was a beautiful looking open-world title and one of the first AAA exclusive games for the freshly released PlayStation 4.

The company has now moved onto their next project, “Ghost of Tsushima,” which revealed its first footage at E3 2018 to rave reviews. Set in 1274 on Tsushima Island in Japan, the story revolves around the last samurai, Jin Sakai, during the first Mongol invasion. You have to master a new fighting style, the way of the Ghost, to defeat the Mongol forces and fight for the freedom and independence of your home country.

Players can switch the audio to Japanese with English subtitles in a title that’s taken great pains to be historically accurate in its details, and boast a look inspired by Kurosawa films. What hasn’t been clear is when we’ll get to play the title and now there are hints of that this week suggesting a repeat of the ‘Infamous’ scenario – namely it could well be a launch title for the next generation of the console.

Late last week rumored launch plans for the PlayStation 5 apparently leaked online in several places with Games Radar and Game Rant have done good write-ups. According to a supposed internal memo, Sony plans the official reveal of the console during a PlayStation Meeting on February 12th 2020 which is when we’ll also hear more about the game along with other titles from third-party publishers like Activision, Ubisoft, and EA.

The report says while the development of the game has “encountered considerable delays,” it is proceeding in “a more than favourable manner” within Sucker Punch Studios. The delays have been due to extra technical work on the software’s textures and framerates in order to optimise it for the new hardware features of the PlayStation 5 with the game coming to both it and the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s next ‘State of Play’ event is rumored to be scheduled for November and is expected to showcase two titles releasing that month – “Death Stranding” and “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” along with teasing “The Last of Us Part II” which is rumored to be receiving a May 2020 release date trailer.

Separate and more dubious rumors, including one at Tech Radar, have also spoken some more about the console itself – saying its custom Navi GPU could well have a graphics power the equivalent of an NVIDIA RTX 2080, meaning true consistent 4K 60fps Ultra settings will be possible on a console.