Get Set For Total HD Discs

Yesterday’s announcement of LG’s dual-format Blu-ray/HD-DVD player isn’t the only piece of electronics at next week’s CES aiming at solving the compatability issue.

The New York Times reports that Warner Bros. Pictures, one of the few studios that has been consistently releasing its films in both formats, will introduce a hybrid disc.

Dubbed ‘Total HD’, the disc itself is expected to be compatible in both HD-DVD and Blu-ray players and provide equal quality presentations on both.

The move isn’t too surprising as Warners is the only studio so far to have released combo dual-sided discs (DVD & HD-DVD) and they state specifically upfront that this is purely for those reluctant to buy into the market due to fear of ‘backing the losing format’ as such.

Whomever wins if there is such a standoff, these discs will still work either way.

Official details will be announced next week.