Gervais’ “Office” Character Gets A Movie

The BBC has officially announced that David Brent, the iconic role which Ricky Gervais played in the original UK version of “The Office,” is getting his own film spin-off.

Gervais will reprise the role for “Life on the Road,” a film which will follows Brent’s life fifteen years after the end of the ‘documentary’ series. Filming is slated to begin next year.

In an official statement, the Beeb described the film’s setup: “We find out what Brent is doing now and what’s happened in the last 15 years since his redundancy from his beloved Wernham Hogg. He’s a sales rep now, selling cleaning products up and down the country, but has never really given up on his dream of being a rock star.”

The original UK office wrapped with two 2003 Christmas specials, though Gervais has played Brent again in brief shorts and as a guest star on the American version of “The Office”.

Source: The BBC