Gerard Way To Score Third “Clerks”

Gerard Way To Score Third Clerks

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has reportedly revealed that My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will be doing the musical score for the upcoming third “Clerks” film.

The project will mark the former musician’s first film score, though he previously collaborated with Smith on a track for “Tusk”. Way also created the comic “The Umbrella Academy” which was adapted into a Netflix series earlier this year and recorded a cover of “Hazy Shade of Winter” for that.

Smith has been hitting the road for the past few weeks to promote the Fathom Events release of “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” and has teased the next “Clerks” in which Randal (Jeff Anderson) has a heart attack, realises his life has meant nothing, and having watched other people‚Äôs movies his whole life he now feels the need to make a movie – so Dante and Randal set out to do so.

No word as yet when we might see “Clerks 3” go into production.

Source: Slashfilm