Gerard Butler To Star In “Point Break”

“300” and “Olympus Has Fallen” star Gerard Butler has joined the cast of the reimagining of “Point Break” at Alcon Entertainment and Lionsgate.

The story centers on a former extreme sports superstar and FBI rookie who infiltrates a gang of itinerant thrill-seekers in a bid to crack a series of international robberies.

As the law enforcer’s investigation goes deeper he develops a strong tie with Zen (Butler), an enigmatic adventurer attempting to become the first man to complete the death-defying Quest Of Eight Challenges.

Butler is the new version’s equivalent of Patrick Swayze’s adrenaline-junkie bank robber Bodhi in the original 1991 Kathryn Bigelow film.

Ericson Core helms the new take from a script by Kurt Wimmer. Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove are producing.

Source: Deadline