“Geostorm” Could Lose $100M At Box-Office

It looks like the recent Gerard Butler-led action epic “Geostorm” isn’t just a disaster film on the screen. The Warner Bros. Pictures movie, which went through a famously troubled production, opened last week to a critical lambasting.

The Wrap reports that as of today, the film has only made $67 million worldwide – $14.7 million of which came from domestic screenings. With a $120 million budget, its means the film has to earn at least $300-$350 million worldwide to break even.

Even with the Chinese box-office to come, analysts expect the film will struggle to make $200 million worldwide – which means the film could end up $100 million in the red. It also marks the fifth $100+ million film to fail badly at the box-office this year following other notable flops like “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” “Monster Trucks” and “Ghost in the Shell”.

Warners however won’t take much of a hit as it shared costs with both Skydance and Ratpac, and are coming off a Summer and early Fall of smash hits like “Wonder Woman,” “It,” “Dunkirk” and “Annabelle: Creation” which have grossed a combined $2.3 billion worldwide. A $100 million loss is something that they can swallow.

The movie began filming three years ago and was originally slated for release March 2016, but ended up being delayed numerous times, reshot significantly, and had its marketing budget slashed.