George Takei Is A Panda In “Love Monster”

George Takei Is A Panda In Love Monster

Former “Star Trek” regular George Takei is set to voice Elder Panda in the animated preschool kids series “Love Monster” for the BBC.

The 54-part series will air in January 2020 and is based on Rachel Bright’s books. The story follows the adventures of the hairy hero, Love Monster, as he navigates the challenges of being the only monster in Fluffytown – a world of cute baby animals.

With a lot of help from his friends, Love Monster learns to follow his heart rather than his slightly ‘over-thinky’ head, as he searches for the right thing to do. Tamsin Greig narrates while Javone Prince, Sarah Hadland, Lewis Macleod, Freya Parker and Emma Maclennan also lend their voices.

CBeebies, Boat Rocker Studios, and UYoung are co-producing.

Source: Deadline