George Romero Zombie Novel Coming In 2019

Acclaimed filmmaker George Romero died last year before he could complete work on his zombie novel “The Living Dead”. The famed “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” director had been working on and off on the book until he passed at the age of 77.

Now EW reports that author Daniel Kraus will pick up where Romero left off and complete the work. Kraus explains his approach to the trade:

“Some of [the book] was in tremendous, publish-ready state, Other parts, near of the end of what he wrote, were sketchier, clearly intended to be fleshed out later. Only half the job I’m doing is finishing this book…

The other half is putting George back together, in a sense – not just from reading his every obscure interview and analyzing his every obscure work, but also immersing myself in the art that he loved. I’m studying his favorite movies, watching his favorite operas, listening to his favorite music, all in an attempt to find in them the inspirations he might have found.

I’m taking thematic and structural cues from these works and working them into the book. It’s not like having George next to me, but it’s what I have, and I’m treasuring every moment of it.”

Like all of Romero’s zombie-related work, it will blend horror with social commentary and this one boasts a nuclear submarine and is spread across three separate time periods. The publisher is currently targeting a Fall 2019 release.