George Miller Rumored For “Man of Steel 2”

A while back came word that coming off the success of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” George Miller may be having a go at a DC superhero film at Warners.

Miller was behind the famed “Justice League: Mortal” project which saw its feet cut out from under it before it could go into production.

Miller hopping onboard the two-part “Justice League” project would make him a glutton for punishment, but that’s not the rumor. Instead the talk was that he might direct the direct sequel 2013’s “Man of Steel”.

Meet the Movie Press re-iterated the rumor earlier today in a vidcast and now Heroic Hollywood has added to the report.

The latter says Miller did visit the set of “Suicide Squad” and met producers for further talks about doing “Man of Steel 2” but the sticking point right now is budget which both sides aren’t agreeing on. It’s thought that this issue can be worked out though.

Speaking of the DCEU, it looks like Jared Leto’s been up to his old tricks on the “Suicide Squad” set with actor Jay Hernandez posting a photo of a Joker-themed gift basket he just received.