George Miller On “Mad Max” Delay

Director George Miller has said that environmental factors, rather than economic ones, are the reason behind the delay of the upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” production.

Speaking with WA Today, Miller says ”Warners are very, very committed to the film, as we are…There is nothing like creative problems. It’s not an issue of budget; we’re covered on the Australian dollar rise.”

The reason is apparently the unseasonal rains around Broken Hill where filming was to take place has rendered the landscape apparently useless for shooting – “what was wasteland is now this wonderful flower garden”. Despite at least two-thirds of the continent being a desert, Miller says an alternative location elsewhere in Australia was not possible.

Screen Hub however has come up with a different theory. According to their sources, part of the reason for the delay is that Warners wants Miller to concentrate on finishing the currently in production “Happy Feet” sequel first.

Slated to begin filming in February, the new start date is now said to be July at the earliest and more likely September-October.