George Miller “Lantern” Rumor, “Contact” Talk

Considering the mess of the last “Green Lantern” film in 2011, enthusiasm for the in-development “Green Lantern Corps” film that ties in with the new DCEU mythology is understandably low. But one key bit of hiring could turn around the naysayers.

The latest episode of Heroic Insider has included a comment suggest whom they’ve heard as a potential directing candidate for the 2020 release: “George Miller is being rumored to direct the Green Lantern Corps movie. I think it would be perfect for him.”

As many as three human Green Lanterns are rumored to feature in the new film. Miller already has a hand in the DCEU as a producer on the currently in production “Justice League: Part One”.

In related news, screenwriter Mark Lamprell has spoken about an old project of Miller’s – a film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s “Contact”. Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis was the one who directed the well-regarded 1997 film adaptation, but before he was attached it was Miller who was slated to helm. Miller in fact was the one who got Jodie Foster onboard.

That version didn’t get greenlit though, mostly due to a ballooning budget. Talking with iF Magazine, Lamprell – a junior writer on the film under Menno Meyjes – said Miller’s version was more ambitious than the one that ended up on screen:

“It was a much more interesting screenplay, and I think George would say this too. Because of my Jesuit connections I was able to get all those amazing Jesuit scientists in, to talk to us about how you operate as a man of faith in the world of science. We were having really interesting conversations, and Carl [Sagan] was thrilled to be having those. It wasn’t about being populist or talking down to an audience. Not that ‘Contact’ necessarily did that, but ours was much more ambitious intellectually.”

Miller’s next directorial effort has yet to be announced.