George Lucas Not A Fan Of Modern Cinema

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas has offered a bleak assessment of the current state of the movie business during a panel at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday. Lucas said movies have become: “more and more circus without any substance behind it”.

Asked about his own hand in kicking off the blockbuster film business back in the 1970s, he responded: “If you go into ‘Star Wars’ and see what’s going on there, there’s a lot more substance than circus.”

He adds that all the special-effects he uses are tools in the service of plot: “All art is technology. That’s the one thing that separates us from animals.”

He also is not a fan of the studio system, saying: “Studio executives generally are not the most sophisticated people in the world…you do not want to be oppressed by people who are not as smart as you are and I’m dumb.”

Source: Variety