George Lucas Hasn’t Seen “Force Awakens”

While the official premiere isn’t until Monday December 14th, J.J. Abrams has screened “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for the studio and some other key people. Over the weekend it was revealed that Steven Spielberg has seen the film three times already.

More surprising though? As of three weeks ago original “Star Wars” creator George Lucas had not only not seen it yet, he had yet to see a single frame of it. In a new piece for The Washington Post, Lucas continues to liken his relationship with “Star Wars” as a divorce but says it’s right that he’s not involved at all as opposed to being somewhat involved:

“There is no such thing as working over someone’s shoulder. You’re either the dictator or you’re not. And to do that would never work, so I said ‘I’m going to get divorced.’ .?.?. I knew that I couldn’t be involved. All I’d do is make them miserable. I’d make myself miserable. It would probably ruin a vision – J.J. has a vision, and it’s his vision.”

He was hoping to see it privately at the Skywalker ranch, but now he’s “faced with this awkward reality, which is fine” of seeing it with others and uses the analogy of a grown child getting married:

“I gotta go to the wedding. My ex will be there, my new wife will be there, but I’m going to have to take a very deep breath and be a good person and sit through it and just enjoy the moment, because it is what it is and it’s a conscious decision that I made.”

Lucas also once again defended his decision to tweak the Han and Greedo scene in the original “Star Wars” so that Greedo shoots first:

“Han Solo was going to marry Leia, and you look back and say, ‘Should he be a cold-blooded killer?’. Because I was thinking mythologically – should he be a cowboy, should he be John Wayne? And I said, ‘Yeah, he should be John Wayne.’ And when you’re John Wayne, you don’t shoot people [first] – you let them have the first shot. It’s a mythological reality that we hope our society pays attention to.”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens December 18th.