Genz To Remake His Own “Terribly Happy”

Henrik Ruben Genz’s dark comedy “Terribly Happy”, this year’s Danish entry for the foreign language Oscar, is getting a $10-15 million budget English language remake reports Screen Daily.

The story is based on Erling Jepsen’s novel about a troubled police officer dispatched to a mysterious community on a swampy peninsula. Howard Rodman (“Savage Grace”) will adapt the script for the remake.

Director Genz and his producer Thomas Gammeltoft will re-team in the same capacities on the new version which has three times the budget and will allow them to approach the material from a new point of view.

“I felt I wasn’t finished with the material and wanted to explore it further. When the opportunity for a remake came up I felt I couldn’t let go of this curiosity and energy that bound me to the material” says Genz.

Gammeltoft says the new version will allow them to get the story out to a wider audience, and give them the money to do things they couldn’t do in the original which hit US theatres in limited release last week.