Genre Helmers Plan To Kill “Paris”

Several high profile genre directors have signed on for the thriller spoof and potential franchise launcher “Paris I’ll Kill You” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Joe Dante (“The Hole,” “Gremlins”), Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (“Inside”), Xavier Gens (“Hitman,” “Frontiere(s)”), Christopher Smith (“Creep,” “Severance”), Paco Plaza (“[Rec]”), Vincenzo Natali (“Splice”), Ryuhei Kitamura (“Midnight Meat Train”) and Joern Heitmann will film a total of ten ten-minute segments for the anthology feature.

The film mimics the structure of, and hopes to follow the success of “Paris, je t’aime”, the romance anthology feature which led to plans for a franchise with each entry set around a different city – New York, Shanghai and Jerusalem thus far are planned.

‘Kill’ will look at the “seedy underbelly” in the City of Love, and if successful will similarly set subsequent films in different cities around the globe. Darryn Welch and Mathieu Robinet will produce.