Genisys Terminator To Be Genital-Free

There’s been various reports about the upcoming “Terminator Genisys” film, and about what’s likely to be one of the film’s pivotal scenes – where the older incarnation of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 takes on his younger version from the original 1984 film.

Grumpy and well armed old Arnie vs. young and naked Arnie certainly raises some interesting questions, and a new report at fansite TheTerminatorFans has revealed one unexpected element – it seems the filmmakers won’t have to worry about any naughty silhouettes or awkward camera angles as the T-800 won’t be anatomically correct. Their source says:

“‘The Terminator’ has been castrated folks! He will now resemble a ‘Ken Doll’. This is a bold daring move for Skydance… oh how different the previous movies would have turned out if this was the case… most likely with people saying this man doesn’t have a penis? Without clothes the infiltrator would be useless and a target for mockery.

Back-shots of the stunt-double will be retained, while all frontal shots could well be 100% CGI Arnold with the above ‘Ken doll’ crotch…. the young Schwarzenegger stunt-double wore a c*ck sock (material worn on his genitals) for filming scenes, [and] obviously the ‘offending article’ will be removed with CGI magic for the movie.”

This would seem to go against continuity as people’s reaction to the nude incarnations of the character have been amused, aroused or offended at the sight of a naked man rather than shocked or terrified at the sight of a man missing his joy department. We’ll see the lump for ourselves when “Terminator Genisys” hits cinemas in June.