“Gemini Man” To Screen In HFR 2D & 3D

Gemini Man To Screen In Hfr 2d 3d

Much like he did with “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” filmmaker Ang Lee will once again push the limits of the theatrical exhibition medium with his new Will Smith-led sci-fi thriller “Gemini Man”.

A letter was recently sent to theater exhibitors from Paramount Pictures in preparation for the film in which Smith plays an ageing assassin attempting to leave the lifestyle, but finds himself hunted by a younger clone of himself.

Smith also plays the clone, utilising extensive de-ageing to take him back to resembling early 1990s Smith. As “Captain Marvel” demonstrated with Samuel L. Jackson, having a digitally de-aged major character can work but that was just for a regular theatrical print.

Lee’s version will reportedly go beyond that with the letter coming with instructions on how to test whether the theater is equipped to handle high frame rate (HFR) technology in order for the film to be presented in two different frames-per-second (fps) versions Lee plans to release – a 60fps 3D version, and a 120fps 2D version.

These are expected to be in addition to the regular 24fps 2D versions that most films are presented in. “Gemini Man” is currently slated to open in cinemas on October 4th.

Source: The Playlist