Gears of War Remake Hits Xbox One

A remake of the first game in the “Gears of War” series will soon be making its debut on Xbox One.

Polygon announced the news, saying the game will have upgraded lighting and textures and run at 60FPS. The cinematics will also be remade by animation studio Plastic Wax.

Black Tusk Studios, who is in charge of the series going forward, may not be involved in the project as the remaster is being done by “Brink” and “Batman: Arkham Origins” multiplayer developer Splash Damage.

This might explain comments from Black Tusk Studios general manager Rod Fergusson last month when he scuttled rumors of the series getting a “Halo: Master Chief Collection” style boxset remaster. The quotes he made were very specifically about a potential ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’, not an individual game from the series undergoing a remake.

Kotaku have also been in touch with several gamers who claim they’ve been used as testers on the title which will sport several multiplayer modes including King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch.

For now though the remake has yet to be officially announced, so there’s no idea of a date as yet. With “Halo 5” dominating Microsoft plans for this Fall though, hopefully we’re looking at a late Summer release.