“Gears of War” Creator Is Done Making Games

Gears Of War Creator Is Done Making Games

Legendary games developer Cliff Bleszinski, who created the popular “Gears of War” series, has announced his retirement from game development.

The announcement follows his newly formed studio Boss Key Productions being shut down earlier this year with Bleszinski at the time saying he intends to take some time off and reflect. At the time, he also left the door open saying he might do something new again at a later date.

Not anymore as a tweet today saw him confirming that’s he’s officially retiring from games development. A Twitter user was berating him because Boss Key’s debut game “Lawbreakers” was taken offline after roughly a year on the market.

Bleszinski hit back at the entitled troll, saying: “I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care – even months after the studio folded. So they could care for their families. I didn’t take a salary myself for two years. I get you’re sad, but god, this kinda shit is another reason I am NEVER making another game.” GamesIndustry then reached out to confirm the tweet’s sentiment to which Bleszinki responded: “I’m done.”

Bleszinski’s 27-year-long career, which began when he was 15 and most of which took place at Epic Games, saw his involvement in titles like the “Unreal” franchise, “Bulletstorm,” “Superhot,” “Rune,” “Jazz Jackrabbit” and “The Palace of Deceit”.

“Gears of War,” which he worked on for its first three installments, will remain his best known creation – the franchise serving as one of the three Microsoft-exclusive cornerstone series (along with “HALO” and “Forza”) that helped the Xbox 360 ‘win’ against its main rival in Sony’s PlayStation 3 in the previous generation of the console wars.