Gears, “Dishonored 2,” “Mad Max” Game Trailers

Three key game related clips today starting with the launch trailer for “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” the remastering of the first game in the series for Xbox One. In a great gesture, the ad itself is a remake of the classic commercial for the original game when it hit the Xbox 360 almost a decade ago.

Next comes a featurette about the upcoming “Dishonored” sequel. The clip introduces you to Emily Kaldwin, daughter of the Empress whom you saw in the first game and who is now grown up and taking the fight to others as a capable assassin.

The campaign starts with players controlling Emily for half an hour – at a a pivotal event, players will then choose to play the game as Corvo or stay as Emily for the remainder of the game. It is currently targeting an early 2016 release.

The best though comes last – a whopping 80 minutes of gameplay from the “Mad Max” video game which is due in stores on September 1st.

The clip is a live-stream that features Avalanche Studios’ director of narrative content Odd Ahlgren, senior designer Emil Kraftling and lead character artist Kristofer Labedzki talking about the game and some of its incredible features.