Garfield, McGregor Attached To Heist Films

Thievery seems to be in vogue again as word emerged today about two features dealing with famous bank robbers currently in the works according to The Los Angeles Times.

First up is “The Robber,” a remake of Benjamin Heisenberg’s German film about a marathon runner who robs banks for sport. “The Amazing Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield has expressed interest in the leading role, an interest that will be helped by Laura Ziskin who produces both aforementioned films.

The project’s development has picked up speed at Sony Pictures where it’s expected the film will add more backstory to the characters.

The other is “Electric Slide” which “Blue Valentine” producer Jamie Patricof is having a go at.

Ewan McGregor is attached to play Eddie Dodson, a gentlemen thief who robbed banks all over Southern California to support his trendy Melrose Avenue shop as well as a growing drug habit.

Various producers have attempted to get the project going with only mixed success, though a new script from writer-director Tristan Patterson is due in the next few weeks.