Gareth Evans Talks “The Raid” Sequel Trailer

After getting fans excited with the trailer for “The Raid 2: Berandal” last month, filmmaker Gareth Evans has given a shot-for-shot breakdown of the trailer to Empire and in the process revealed a couple of new bits of information about the film. First up, he discussed the storyline:

“The idea is that Iko’s character goes undercover in this one and there are shades of The Departed and Infernal Affairs in there. The prison section is the opening of the film, setting up his mission and that’s going undercover in order to infiltrate a mob family to uncover corruption in the police force.”

There’s a much larger scope to this film:

“What I wanted to do was mix things up so it wasn’t Indonesian gangsters vs Indonesian gangsters here. So I decided to import, and one of my favourite genres has always been Japanese Yakuza films.”

That said, there’s still throwbacks to the first film – such as the punching bag scene that dominates the trailer:

“I wanted to have certain connective tissue to the first film and the choreography he does is largely the same, as much as he could remember on the day of shooting, as the choreography he uses for hitting the punchbag in the first Raid.

In the first Raid, it’s all about him preparing himself spiritually, physically, emotionally so he can go off and complete his mission. He looks focused, he looks primed, he looks fired up. I wanted to contrast that now that he’s in prison on this mission and a lot of personal things have happened to him, so that ending to that punching session is designed to show a sadness and a tragic side to him as well. He’s full of regret as well.”

For the full breakdown, click here.