Garelick Pens “Grind”, Directs “Hassle”

Scribe Jeremy Garelick (“The Break-Up”) has signed on to pen the comedy “An Ex To Grind” for Fox and direct the comedy “Hassle Man” for Universal Pictures reports Deadline.

An adaptation of Jane Heller’s 2005 novel, ‘Ex’ follows a Manhattan financial planner (Cameron Diaz) who seeks to divorce her professional football player husband (Benicio del Toro) who has become a lazy couch potato.

Trying to get out of alimony, she finds a random woman she can dump on her ex for three months so as to violate a cohabitation clause.

The scheme doesn’t go to plan however as the new love inspires him to be the man she always wanted him to be and now she wants him back. Laura Bickford and Julie Yorn will produce.

Eli Jorne and Reed Agnew penned ‘Hassle’ about a ‘hassler for hire’, someone people use when they don’t have the funds or balls to employ a hit man. George Nolfi, Scarlett Lacey and Michael Hackett will produce.

Garelick performed uncredited re-writes on “The Hangover” and directed the second-unit of “Veronica Guerin”. He got the ‘Hassle’ gig after shooting a six-minute scene from his comedy script “The Pretender” which is set up at Universal.

Garelick hopes to direct both that and “The Insane Laws” which he sold to Sony Pictures.