Gans Talks Onimusha Adaptation

Christophe Gans talked with Ecran Large about his upcoming feature film adaptation of the acclaimed Capcom video game “Onimusha”. Here’s what he revealed:

-Gans is currently doing the final preps for the movie in Paris.

-He’ll move to China in October to begin the pre-production: sets building, costumes.

-The shooting will start in March 2008 around Beijing and will entirely take place within studios, the very same studios where movies like Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” was shot.

-The shooting is expected to be over by the end of July 2008, just before the Olympics Games start.

-The whole cast & crew is composed of both Chinese and Japanese people, apart from a couple of folks like cinematographer Dan Laustsen.

-The $70 millions budget is co-financed by China, Japan, the United States and long time Gans producer Samuel Hadida.