Gangster Squad To Be Recut After Denver?

The fate of gangster period drama “Gangster Squad” at Warner Brothers has hit unsteady waters this week in the wake of the cinema massacre in Colorado says Heat Vision.

Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone all star in the tale of how the Los Angeles police took on the Mafia in the 1940s and ’50s. Previously slated for a September 7th release, the studio is said to be re-thinking the release date with the concern being the same one that led to the trailers for the film being pulled from cinemas on Friday.

A key sequence in the movie deals with a shoot-out at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in which mobsters use Tommy guns to blast their way up the aisles, through the lobby and out onto Hollywood Boulevard.

Now the studio is said to be rethinking that sequence with the film’s writer Will Beal, called in to come up with new scenarios. Budgeted at a tight $60 million, the aim is to find a solution that would both salvage as much of the sequence as possible and be cost effective for the studio.

Should reshoots be required, the release date will almost certainly be pushed back – likely into next year some time. This however would also put distance between the tragedy and the controversy over the Chinese Theater shooting scene.