Game Trailers: Zelda, Mario, Drawn, Wattam

Both the 2014 Game Awards on Friday night and yesterday’s all-day Playstation Experience event saw some major revelations, world premiere trailers and fresh gameplay footage on offer for quite a few of the biggest and most interesting games of next year. In this group of previews are some of the quirkier outings along with a glimpse of Nintendo’s major upcoming “Zelda” game:

Zelda for Wii U
You’re essentially watching two older Japanese man playing the game on a TV set rather than a clean glimpse of the game footage itself, but what we can see in the screen looks great. Link has never been this well-drawn and a Zelda game certainly has never sported this size of a world before. The clip just wets the appetite for a proper trailer release.

Mario Maker
For hardcore Super Mario fans who’re also big into customisation, this is the game for you. You basically can custom design a Super Mario Bros. game to your specifications, and the graphics can be along the lines of four previous games – the original “Super Mario Bros.,” “Super Mario Bros. 2,” “Super Mario World” or “New Super Mario Bros. U”.

Drawn to Death
The guy who brought us “God of War” and “Twisted Metal” delivers this out-of-control multiplayer arena shooter with an utterly weird visual look due to the setting said to be taking place within the world of a high schooler’s composition notebook. Imaginative, which isn’t usually something one sees in this genre.

The creators of “Noby Noby Boy” and “Katamari Damacy” deliver this cute looking 3D indie game in a trailer that raised a lot more questions than it answers. Considering Santa Monica Studios and their success with indie game co-productions (“Journey,” “Unfinished Swan,” “Escape Plan,” “Hohokum”), this should please those into more eccentric games.

A fairly unique looking kill the monsters style game. You play a distraught warrior lost in a fantastical non-linear world and must use touch-based combat mechanics with offensive & defensive techniques against a variety of enemies.

Darkest Dungeon
Nice artwork but strange gameplay on offer in the teaser trailer for this indie title coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita along with PC and Mac. You play the heir of a rich relative that used all of his money to open a portal in search of ancient power. You are tasked to find the secrets of the darkest dungeon and redeem your family name.