Game Trailers: Sky, Bloodborne, Order, Dawn

Both the 2014 Game Awards on Friday night and yesterday’s all-day Playstation Experience event saw some major revelations, world premiere trailers and fresh gameplay footage on offer for quite a few of the biggest and most interesting games of next year. In this group I look at some of the previously announced and biggest PlayStation 4 exclusives for next year:

No Man’s Sky
This procedurally-generated space exploration tale continues to astonish. The Game Awards trailer is a two-and-a-half minute piece in which you jump from one planet to another, and step through a portal of some sort to an alternate version of that second planet. The PS Experience trailer shows off the sheer scale of the game by taking us from one inhabited star system to an unexplored one far across the stars, in the process giving you an idea of just how many star systems you can explore. It’s an astonishing universe of color, life and possibility and continues to be one of next year’s titles most worthy of anticipation.

Atmosphere and blood soak this new 3.5-minute gameplay trailer for the new game from “Dark Souls” creators From Software. Whilst the previous trailers have been concentrating on the imaginative monsters you’ll be facing, this edited highlights reel seems to be all about the environment you’re in and the combat you’ll engage in.

The Order 1886
Both a new cinematic and a new gameplay trailer for this “‘Gears of War’ in a monster-plagued Victorian London” style co-op shooter game look better than some of the previous trailers. The former sees you raiding airships, the latter revolves mostly around a shootout in a giant kitchen. It gives you a good idea of the combat mechanics on offer rather than the larger steampunk world we’ve seen in earlier clips.

Until Dawn
Whilst horror movies tend to be a blend of both supernatural and slasher films, in terms of video games you rarely see the latter. “Silent Hill”-style ghosts and monsters are much more common than guys in masks stalking nubile teenagers. That changes with “Until Dawn” in which “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere lends her voice and visage to the role of our lead heroine, one dressed only in a physics-defying towel that seems to stay in place no matter how much running and jumping she does. The gameplay seems to offer Quantic Dream style options and choices for the player – do you hide, run or find a weapon? You’ll be able to pick one and see which works but be warned, this is a game in which death is apparently permanent for the character.