Game Trailers: Grim, King, Tearaway, Godzilla

Both the 2014 Game Awards on Friday night and yesterday’s all-day Playstation Experience event saw some major revelations, world premiere trailers and fresh gameplay footage on offer for quite a few of the biggest and most interesting games of next year. Here’s a look at a remake, a reboot, a remaster and an adaptation:

Grim Fandango Remastered
The surprise of the first trailer for the remastering of the classic PC game “Grim Fandango” is actually how close to the original they’ve kept it. The graphics are shinier and the audio cleaner, but the game itself feels very much the same which is a great thing considering how strong the original was. A release date of January 27th has also been announced.

King’s Quest
The first real franchise in gaming returns with an interesting-looking reboot crafted by indie studio The Odd Gentlemen, in conjunction with recently resurrected classic video game company Sierra. The game boasts an odd new 3D art style that looks akin to “Borderlands” and Telltale Games titles, but more interesting will be seeing what the game plans to do with the story of King Graham.

Tearaway Unfolded
The gorgeous looking “Tearaway Unfolded” sees the acclaimed PS Vita title reimagined and completely rebuilt for the PS4. Made by the same team behind the LittleBigPlanet franchise, the trailer definitely shows that this isn’t just a rehash but rather a whole new game that will hopefully reach a much larger audience.

It’s short and only gives a glimpse of gameplay, but the promise of playing Godzilla himself as you lay waste to cities and other giant monsters is enough to get one excited – even if the graphics do look only on the clunky side.