Game Trailer: “Borderlands 3”

Game Trailer Borderlands 3

They’ve been teasing it for a while, now Gearbox Software (“Bulletstorm,” “Battleborn”) has announced the highly-anticipated full third installment of its first-person shooter series “Borderlands” with a trailer which was just released at PAX East.

Set on the planet Pandora in the 29th century, the games follow players as they journey through the wastelands in search of legendary Vaults, mythical hidden zones with untold treasures and wealth hidden inside.

They battle against various enemies including the native alien creatures inhabiting the planet, numerous corporations seeking to take back the land, military branches seeking to maintain control over the local populations, and crazed civilians roaming the world.

Further information about the title, which hopefully will include a release date, will be revealed on April 3rd.

Additionally, April 3rd also sees the previous games in the series getting a visual upgrade with the release of an Ultra HD texture pack. The games and all their elements (including the cinematics) are being remastered for 4K along with improved anti-aliasing, dynamic shadows, and SSAO along with HDR for consoles.