Game of Thrones Piracy Continues, But Slows

Despite a free preview being offered by HBO this past weekend, more than a million people have already downloaded the season premiere of the network’s fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” which continues to be hotly traded on torrent networks.

The show reportedly leaked online shortly before its debut on Sunday night and it was hoped that standalone app service HBO Now would cut back on some of the pirating done by mobile viewers and cord-cutters. The new season also debuted across many international territories simultaneously with the same hope.

It may have worked. While piracy of the show is currently heavy, it is reportedly behind the pace of the premiere of last season at the same point in time. The ‘Thrones’ series overall is reputed to be the most pirated television show ever – an estimated eight million people watched the season five premiere live while 13 million people downloaded the episode.

Ratings for the premiere of this season won’t be available for sometime yet.

Source: THR