Game of Thrones Breaks Piracy Records Again

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” isn’t just smashing its own ratings records, it’s continuing to also smash piracy records as well.

This past Sunday’s episode “The Lion and the Rose,” or better known for its fan moniker ‘The Purple Wedding Episode’, triggered what has been dubbed the largest BitTorrent swarm in history – breaking the record for the most people sharing a file simultaneously via the system.

Torrent Freak reports that at one point, 193,418 people were sharing one single torrent. That beats the previous record holder, the show’s third season finale with 171,572 users at one point, and last week’s season premiere at around 140,000 users at one point.

It was estimated that the episode was downloaded approximately 1.5 million times during the first 24 hours after the premiere. Audiences in Australia, United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and The Netherlands were the biggest downloaders in that order.