Game News: Xbox, Titanfall, Halo 4, Ryse

Xbox One
Microsoft has unveiled a special white/silver limited edition Xbox One. This box however is only being given out to Microsoft staff members and will not go on sale.

Meanwhile apparent leaked documents from retailer Walmart have suggested a November 8th U.S. release date for the console. [Source: Kotaku]

Respawn Entertainment say their upcoming PC/Xbox FPS game “Titanfall” will NOT feature in-game micro transactions. DLC is not out of the question, but the subject is currently in discussion.

Amusingly a video of developers in the Respawn offices at work on the game have added credence to the “timed exclusivity only” reports that suggest the game will hit Playstation at a later date. The video shows a blurred out dev kit and a Dualshock controller that someone obviously forgot to blur. [Source: Gaming Bolt]

Halo 4
Microsoft has confirmed that “Halo 4” will receive a Game of the Year Edition. Said edition is expected to retail for $50 and include Spartan Ops Season 1, War Games Map Pass, Halo 4 Champions Bundle, and all the pre-order and LCE exclusive content. [Source: IGN]

Ryse: Son of Rome
The upcoming Xbox One exclusive launch title will reportedly include optional in-game micro transactions. The catch? They are limited to the multiplayer only version of the game, and will NOT appear in the single player. [Source: Game Zone]