Game News: Xbox One, Next Gen Pre-Orders

Xbox One
A couple of bits of good news in regards to the next gen Xbox. First up, the console is reportedly receiving a 10% power boost so will now have a 1.75 GHz CPU, on top of the previously announced 6% graphics performance improvement.

A rep for Microsoft also says its Azure cloud servers will eventually follow the same plan that Sony is doing with its Gaikai cloud service – potentially making games from all the previous console generations available for download.

In much more speculative news, there’s rumor that the machine might boast a super fast discrete graphics core – one that hasn’t been talked about yet due to the “Volcanic Islands” GPU not being officially announced until the end of September. [Source: WCCFTech]

Next Gen Pre-Orders
In terms of hard numbers, VGChartz has posted the latest data for pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within the United States only.

In the U.S., as of August 24th (just after GamesCom), the PlayStation 4 console has around 600,000 pre-orders while the Xbox One is at 350,000 pre-orders. It’s a surprisingly big gap considering North America was the big market in which the Xbox dominated last generation (PS3 dominated in most overseas territories).

More interesting though are the pre-order numbers for the games on these systems – despite the fewer numbers of system pre-orders for the XB1, both systems have a quite equal number of around 230,000 pre-orders each for “Call of Duty: Ghosts”.

On other titles they differ. “Battlefield 4” is a big ticket item on PS4 with 247,000 pre-orders to XB1’s 125,000. “Watch Dogs” is 118,000 (PS4) to 69,000 (XB1), “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” is 160,000 (PS4) to 105,000 (XB1), and “Madden NFL 25” is 65,000 (PS4) to 43,000 (XB1).

On exclusive titles, PS4’s “Killzone: Shadow Fall” is looking like a big one with 221,710 pre-orders, while “Knack” is doing only a quiet 41,000. XB1’s best performing exclusive is “Dead Rising 3” at 61,000 followed by “Ryse: Son of Rome” at 58,000.