Game News: Watch, Tomb 2, Star Wars, Forza

Watch Dogs
Ubisoft’s highly anticipated open world game “Watch Dogs” hit a bit of controversy this week with the release of a trailer featuring “Archer” actress Aisha Tyler. So far, all the trailers released for the game have shown off gameplay from the PS4/Xbox One/PC versions of the game.

This trailer, however, sported visuals more akin to the early days of the PS3/Xbox 360, quickly leading to speculation that this was our first glimpse of what the game would look like on current generation consoles.

The game’s creative director Jonathan Morin took to Twitter to respond, saying it was all due to a communications gaff and that the current gen version is “better than that” while the PS4 version is “millions of miles away” in terms of quality.

In a bid to likely cut down on some of the awkward buzz, the company released a new international trailer for the game with the quality of visuals we’ve seen in all the other trailers. [Source: Examiner]

Tomb Raider 2
Square Enix, the company behind this year’s highly successful “Tomb Raider” game series reboot, have confirmed that a follow-up is in the works.

CEO Phil Rogers said in a posting today: “I am also excited to reveal that we are well into development on a next-generation Tomb Raider sequel.” Writer Gail Simone is penning a comic book series that will bridge the gap between the game and the sequel. [Source: VG247]

Star Wars Battlefront
EA DICE have confirmed that their new Star Wars Battlefront game will likely come out around the same time as “Star Wars: Episode VII” – namely the summer of 2015. [Source: Eurogamer]

Forza 5
The one area where Xbox One’s much-touted “cloud computing” for gaming can be used effectively isn’t graphics – it’s AI capability. The first game that will put it to the test will be the racing game “Forza 5” it seems.

The game’s creative director Dan Greenawalt says: “We can now make our AI instead of just being 20%, 10% of the box’s capability, we can make it 600% of the box’s capability. Put it in the cloud and free up that 10% or 20% to make the graphics better.” [Source: OXM]