Game News: Star Wars, Valve, China

Star Wars 1313
Some gorgeous new concept art from the now abandoned video game “Star Wars 1313” has gone up at IGN along with a video review of a 15 minute demo of the game that was screen for staffers on the gaming site.

Valve Steam Machines
Valve’s have unveiled the final element of their bid to bring PC gaming to the living room. After announcing SteamOS on Monday, and the Steam Machines on Wednesday, today they released the first photos of the Steam Controller.

The controller itself is quite different to that of other consoles, eschewing joysticks and d-pads altogether in favour of highly sensitive dual trackpads, a touch screen, and a total of 16 buttons inbuilt into the controller (the trackpads are clickable).

China Ban
China is moving to repeal a thirteen-year ban on the sale of video game consoles within the country, allowing foreign companies to sell their products throughout China.

One condition – each device will have to be approved by the Culture Ministry. Another is that the games companies must operate sales and production within the free-trade zone in Shanghai.