Game News: Souls, PS4, Steambox, Evil

Dark Souls II
The long anticipated sequel to arguably the most unrelentingly challenging game ever created, “Dark Souls,” has finally scored a release date.

“Dark Souls II” is slated to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on March 11th 2014. A PC release will also happen at a later date, but there is no word as yet of either a PS4 or XB1 release. [Source: Digital Trends]

PlayStation 4
Sony confirmed at TGS on Wednesday that PlayStation 4 will support gesture and voice control, navigational voice commands and facial recognition via the PlayStation Camera. Users will also be able capture gameplay footage via unencrypted HDMI output (though not at launch).

Details have also been revealed about the upgrading of cross-generational games like “Watch Dogs,” “Assassin’s Creed IV,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and “Battlefield 4”. Those who buy those games on PS3 will be able to ‘upgrade’ to the PS4 digital version for an additional $10. Conditions apply. [Source: Engadget]

Valve is teasing an announcement sometime next week about “open source gaming in the living room” which has led to many speculating that we may finally get to see the often buzzed about ‘Steambox’ console at that time. [Source: IGN]

The Evil Within
A trailer is out for the survival horror thriller “The Evil Within” which looks like it’ll have the kind of action that should please “Silent Hill” fans. The game hits PC, PS3, PS4, 360 & XB1 sometime next year.