Game News: Doom, Dates, Mass, Quantum

The developers behind the upcoming “Doom” reboot say that we won’t see anything more from the game until a formal announcement until next year. [Source: PC Gamer]

Release Dates
New release date announcements include “Project Spark” for October 7th and “Grand Theft Auto 5: Remastered” for November 14th. Both a retail listing and a hidden Microsoft store link has suggested “Dark Souls 2” will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. [Source: VG247]

Mass Effect 4
Bioware is set to hold a panel discussion this week about Mass Effect 4’s development at the San Diego Comic Con. They’re also doing a survey asking about what you want to see in the new game.

Quantum Break
Microsoft’s shutting down of Xbox Entertainment Studios has reportedly not impacted the development of Remedy Entertainment’s live action TV show-video game hybrid “Quantum Break” which remains on track to be released next year. [Source: Polygon]