Game News: Deep, Beyond, GTAV, Shadow

Deep Down
Street Fighter designer and Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono says the upcoming RPG “Deep Down” will be a PS4 exclusive and the company “don’t have it for XB1.” [Source: Twitter]

Beyond Two Souls
Sony rep Derek Osgood says that a PlayStation 4 version of next month’s PS3 game “Beyond: Two Souls” won’t happen for a long time – if at all:

“What I can tell you is that if there is a PS4 version of Beyond, it won’t be available for some time. The team just finished the PS3 version and still have work to do on the pre-order DLC.” [Source: PSU]

Grand Theft Auto V
The upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V” is confirmed to be the most expensive video game ever made, and more than double that of 2008’s “Grand Theft Auto IV”. Rockstar Games has reportedly made and is marketing the game on a combined total budget of $265 million. [Source: Metro]