Game Creators Pan Max Payne Movie

Despite unanimously bad reviews, the film adaptation of the video game “Max Payne” raked in the dough over the weekend.

Yet Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms which financed and helped produce the game series, admits to Edge Online that he has numerous problems with the film adaptation of which he says had “several fundamental story flaws” which had him “shaking my head in bewilderment”.

“A big problem with the film is that we do not really know what is driving Max until we see the flashback scene. In the game, we put this scene right at the front of the story for a reason. Saving this scene until mid-film is a narrative blunder, because the audience needs to empathize with Max in order to like him and understand what drives him” says Miller.

Miller also took issue with the portrayal of the character B.B. Hensley, and according to the report ‘thought the character of Max Payne himself fell short of the game series’ standards’.